Employee putting up balloons in Maple Leaf office lobby.

Celebrating Women

Maple Leaf Foods, Women’s Impact Network and Women in Manufacturing hosted a company-wide celebration dedicated to gender equality and empowerment.

International Women’s Week is a big deal at Maple Leaf Foods. We host a series of events across all facilities celebrating women. At our headquarters in Mississauga, we had three guest speakers: Anastasia Bucsis, two-time Olympic Athlete, who shared stories on her Olympic career, speaking to the fear of failure and the importance of resilience; Michelle McVittie, self-care coach, who explored tools and techniques required to be a leader of change; and Hadiya Roderique, a diversity and inclusion advocate, journalist and lawyer, who discussed barriers and challenges to diversity and inclusion.

Across our facilities, we encouraged all of our employees to take a pledge in support of gender equality.