Demonstrating Leadership in Animal Care Policies and Practices

What we are doing:

  • Executing our animal care strategy, measuring our performance on initiatives that advance the Five Freedoms and Five Domains
  • Requiring third-party suppliers to commit to Maple Leaf Foods’ animal welfare standards in procurement contracts
  • Continuing to reduce or eliminate antibiotic use across our supply chain, while recognizing the importance of providing necessary medication to sick or injured animals
  • Committing to transparency in our communications, including reporting on our goals, progress and performance
  • Upholding our Animal Care Golden Rules
  • Implementing an animal care certification for all our employees who handle animals
  • Designing and delivering animal care training modules for fresh pork and poultry plants
  • Requiring all truckers, internal and external, to have transportation training that’s verified and tracked
  • Requiring all our pork and poultry operations to undergo an annual independent audit, and to correct any deficiencies immediately
  • Continuing to implement remote video auditing (RVA) in our production and processing facilities
  • Utilizing detailed reports produced from RVA to advance training and operating practices and to respond swiftly to any animal welfare incidents
  • Conducting internal audits of all our third-party broiler growers to ensure they are meeting our high standards of animal welfare

Investing in Housing Design and Enrichment

How our facilities support natural behaviours in the animals we raise:

  • Transitioning all remaining sows under our management from gestation crates to our Advanced Open Sow Housing system by the end of 2021
  • Implementing enrichment for all sows under our management to reduce boredom and promote play by the end of 2020
  • Continuing to research and pilot enrichment in broiler breeder and broiler barns
  • Installing environmental enrichments for all nursery and growing pigs under our management

Investing in Facilities, Transportation and Processes

How our facilities reduce pain and stress in the animals we raise or source:

  • Researching and implementing enhanced methods of pain relief and alternatives to surgical castration and tail docking
  • Implementing scientifically advanced and humane euthanasia, including controlled atmosphere stunning, in all our fresh poultry facilities as a core element of our fresh poultry strategy
  • Upgrading our existing poultry trailers to include climate-controlled trailers and implementing a digital transportation monitoring system that provides real-time analytics for transporting poultry
  • Converted our internal fleet of hog trailers to hydraulic-lift deck trailers